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Natalie & Nicole

Monty, It was such a gift to share our special day with you – you and your happy face and crafted words made it such a magical and warm experience. We are forever grateful for such a memory.
Natalie and Nicole xxx


I sent away a confident, energetic 15 year old to one of Monty’s camps with his father and what I got back was a Young Man that was so comfortable in his own skin and in himself that I could feel it radiating off him. He held his space with a confidence that I had never seen before. A confidence that spoke to me and said “I’m ok Mum everything is as it should be, please stop worrying about the future and what it will bring”.

I also witnessed was that same confidence in the Father of my 15 year old. There was a sense of grounding in their relationship that was beautiful to see and has continued in our lives after the camp.

I’m so grateful that this opportunity came in to our lives and s privileged to have Monty in our own back yard.


I have been privileged to be able to work with and learn from Monty as one of his students in a tertiary education context, and in a professional capacity as a classroom teacher.

Monty is truly an inspiring educator. He continually challenged my thinking about the purpose of education, asking questions that forced me to think critically and consider multiple perspectives on seemingly simple concepts. Monty’s ability to meld educational theory, personal experience and the realities of education, all the while delivering university content in engaging ways, was refreshing.

In a professional capacity, his willingness to share knowledge and resources was always much appreciated. He had genuine, heartfelt concern for the students we worked with. Working together has reinforced to me the importance of supporting young peoples’ socio-emotional development, as not just an important stepping-stone for success at school, but happiness in life. I always looked forward to our weekly informal, yet often profound, conversations. Monty is a man who truly leaves a mark.”

Aaron Shelley

Every young man should get the opportunity to experience one of these camps. This was one of the most profound things I have done and cannot recommend it enough. The experience was pivotal for both the boys and the men in the group.

Monty’s ability to communicate and have fun is infectious. Along with his team, he provided an unparalleled experience for all involved, it was sometimes confronting but always fun. Monty’s approach to communication and never ending ‘element of surprise’ is outstanding. Camping, eating, laughing…and no technology! We all had a blast, made some new friends and walked away with a far better relationship with the boys that we took.

Kate & George

We had a perfect day, and a good deal of it was thanks to your help. We really appreciated how you guided things gently along on the day and beforehand. it was never hard to organise things when needed and your ‘flexibility’ in approach was very much appreciated. Everything about the ceremony was perfect and I can’t tell you how many people have said so.
Kate & George

Courtney and Byron

We absolutely loved having you as a celebrant for our special day and we have always thought so highly of the work that you do and your beautiful optimism for life. It really brought something so special and unique to our wedding and we were so happy to have you involved in it! The day was absolutely perfect, and the ceremony that you put together for us was so beautifully crafted and spoke volumes of everything that we wanted to say. We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing this day with us, and providing us your amazing service. Thank you so much again.
Courtney and Byron


Monty’s passion is to help young men and their fathers gain skills, tools and experiences to become motivated, responsible and resilient young men with healthy support networks.

The challenges faced by adolescent men in contemporary society are seldom spoken of. Through Habitus, Monty provides a safe space where fathers and sons have the opportunity to bond through activities and story-telling. Monty’s camps build stronger relationships between fathers and sons, and develops more confident communication and social skills.

Do yourselves a favour and get involved!


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to join you in what has been a profound and inspiring experience. This was truly an awesome opportunity for me and my son to spend quality time together.

Your inspirational leadership to guide the young men of our community with kindness and generosity of spirit is something that is rare and extraordinary. You and the facilitators led from the front and taught by example. As a person that learns kinaesthetically I found this particularly refreshing, and I feel this is an extremely effective way of teaching – especially males. Your rite of passage program was inclusive, interactive and overall amazingly positive. I left the camp with an overwhelming new insight on my own masculinity and purpose and I feel more confident and equipped to guide my young man and support other men to get where they need to go.


Thank you for being such a passionate lecturer. Your enthusiasm is infectious! Personally I think this subject made me smarter because for the past 13 weeks I have had to use my brain in a way it has never been used before. I think it made me a better person by taking me completely out of my comfort zone.

Gary & Daniella

We were both so happy with the ceremony and Monty’s role in putting it together and guiding us through the process. It was such a pleasure and thrill to have him as our celebrant because he was entirely committed and invested himself completely in his services. He truly enjoys and believes in his role! I hope I never forget the whole experience and Monty was most definitely an important part of it.
Gary & Daniella

Katie and Dean

We had such a fantastic day and the ceremony was perfect. We’d like to thank you, Monty, as you set a lovely tone for the day, making everything relaxed, intimate and fun which was exactly what we wanted form the day. I can’t tell you how many people commented on how much they enjoyed your service, commenting that you seemed to know us both really well and had a lovely sense of humour which translated in to a beautiful ceremony. Many thanks

Katie & Dean

Bernard & Jane

We were totally delighted all the way through. The ceremony suited us perfectly and got so much praise from many of the guests who thought it was wonderful. Monty is an intelligent, intuitive, flexible, empathetic and fun guy who mixes his own REAL talent and skill for this sort of thing with a great understanding of his clients’ priorities, issues and wishes. Thanks so much Monty!!!
Bernard & Jane

Fiona & Simon

Monty, we thought you did a great job. You were friendly, personable, articulate and reliable. We loved the ceremony; you engaged the audience well and made it memorable for both of us. We were very happy with your service. We appreciated the thought and effort on your part, on our wedding day and throughout the whole process. You made the experience fun and memorable. Thank you very much!!
Fiona & Simon

Steve Willis

Sadly, when I think back about my own path, it was littered with bad choices. There was no healthy rite of passage; no guidance on how to understand and manage the many emotions and drives; the pending, daunting responsibility of becoming an adult and what it means; the situational depression that can occur.

Monty’s camp was a fantastic experience. If you have a teenage son and would like to make an investment in his future, get in contact with Monty and go on one of his camps!.


Monty is an incredibly cheery, effervescent dude…I could not envisage a better person to teach this course (How to Enjoy Life). This man is blissfully, deliriously happy, anyone can see that. I’m not convinced that he doesn’t have the secret.


I just wanted to take a moment to properly thank you! You truly have been an amazing teacher and I appreciate everything you brought to my Friday morning lecture. You have an outstanding personality and light up the entire room with your kindness and humour. Originally my degree was in social justice, but after having two lectures with you  I have switched to Anthropology and I am so excited for what the future will bring. Anthropology is absolutely mind blowing and I am so so happy that I have been able to discover it with the help of the amazing teachers like you!

B & J

Without a doubt, Monty was the biggest hit at our wedding. We found the lead up to the ceremony quite daunting, but Monty grounded us. We loved his care and professionalism and the humor he injected into the service. There has not been a guest that hasn’t mentioned what a fantastic ceremony it was and how well he captured our relationship. We knew from the moment we found him that he was the man for the job!
B & J

Dr Sumant (Monty) Badami
Freelance Anthropologist
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