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Monty worked extensively with the students of our school. He was able to implement a range of progressive¬†programs grounded in research and current notions of best practice. Monty’s programs focused on the social and emotional skills children need to navigate today’s modern world, and did so through a variety of novel avenues such as music, games, physical challenges¬†and more.

Monty has a unique talent for engaging students of all ages. His music workshops brought even the most shy child to their feet, participating in dancing, singing and drum circles. His work with the year 5 and 6 boys focused on creative problem-solving and teamwork and incorporated a martial arts philosophy. He helped them to make positive decisions and stay calm when there is chaos around. Monty was wonderful with the community, the students and the staff. He took the time to listen and adapt to what the school required and offered suggestions that were timely and focused on sustained student support. Put simply he is a man of many talents, and his programs were highly valued by the school community..

Kiama Public School