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I have been privileged to be able to work with and learn from Monty as one of his students in a tertiary education context, and in a professional capacity as a classroom teacher.

Monty is truly an inspiring educator. He continually challenged my thinking about the purpose of education, asking questions that forced me to think critically and consider multiple perspectives on seemingly simple concepts. Monty’s ability to meld educational theory, personal experience and the realities of education, all the while delivering university content in engaging ways, was refreshing.

In a professional capacity, his willingness to share knowledge and resources was always much appreciated. He had genuine, heartfelt concern for the students we worked with. Working together has reinforced to me the importance of supporting young peoples’ socio-emotional development, as not just an important stepping-stone for success at school, but happiness in life. I always looked forward to our weekly informal, yet often profound, conversations. Monty is a man who truly leaves a mark.”