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Ritual Specialist

As an anthropologist, I have travelled the world studying the rituals and ceremonies of cultural groups that range from the obscure to the mainstream, and from the traditional to the modern.

When I combined this expertise with my love of performance, I found myself drawn to becoming a Marriage Celebrant. Apart from utilising a unique set of skills, I get the opportunity to meet some very interesting people and to share in an extremely happy period of their lives.

I bring a warmth and enthusiasm to each and every ceremony, which is sensitively tailored to suit the individual needs of all the couples I have the pleasure of marrying.

I also do baby naming ceremonies, commitment ceremonies, funerals and can assist you in creating any sort of ritual that will help you to celebrate the passing of the many other of life’s important milestones.

More recently, however, I have been creating Rites of Passage programs for young adults and parents. By combining my Academic knowledge with my practical experience of ritual, from being a celebrant, I have found a really exciting and rewarding way of drawing all my skills and passions together to help nurture healthy relationships and healthy parenting in the community.

I have consolidated all of this in my new social enterprise, Habitus, where I get to use my love of youth work and my performance skills to facilitate immersive and transformative experiences for young people and their mentors through ritual theatre, storytelling, team building and nature connections.

Dr Sumant (Monty) Badami
Freelance Anthropologist
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Website:  montybadami.com


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