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Now, more than ever, we need to re-humanise the world we live in! But how do we reinvigorate as sense of connection and community into the things that we do?

As an anthropologist, that is the very question I am here to answer.

As part of my ongoing commitment to bring academic knowledge into more accessible public spaces, I have recently started my own social enterprise (habitus.org) so that I can move more permanently into a consulting, program development, coaching and facilitation role.

At Habitus, we are passionate about community engagement. We see enormous opportunity in training young people, parents, schools and communities to use creative programs to navigate the challenges we all face as human beings. As such, we believe in connecting through stories and learning through play.

Using these methods, we engage in a whole school and community approach to provide Rites of Passage (ROP), Personal and professional Development Programs, as well as Socially Responsible Mentoring to encourage healthy parenting, build strong relationships in the community and help young people find their place in the world.

Capitalising on a long history in childcare, youth work, mentoring and education, we currently help students, teachers and parents to develop their social skills, confidence and adaptability through a range of fun activities including team building, problem solving, outdoor connections, drama, music, and martial arts. We locate these activities within an anthropological framework that explores human creativity, diversity and cooperation as a key feature of human evolution. Basically, it is in these essentially human capabilities that we find the secret that enabled us to remain resilient, adapt to change and thrive as a species.

The goal for us is to get people doing things together. When people come together, they are naturally creative. Something generative happens as we feed off each other’s ideas and energy. That creativity in turn has a very social quality. People are naturally drawn to engage with the things that we create. We believe that it is within this diverse cycle of creativity and sociability that lies the potential to imagine future possibilities that are collaborative, inclusive and multi-faceted.

In essence, by doing things together, and doing them in ways that embrace our humanity, we can achieve something truly amazing!

Dr Sumant (Monty) Badami
Freelance Anthropologist
Mobile: 0405271757
Website:  montybadami.com


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